Founder and Creative Director, Emily (Yu-tzu) Chen-Moir - Fin+Zee

Finn + Zee

“We began to work with Romaine when Fin+Zee first launched. It was a great experience working with her. We started the brand with very little background and zero connections in the industry. With her many years of experience, Romaine gave us valuable insights into the industry which I was able to put in to practise in my business to help with its growth and visibility. Romaine helped us with some great creative opportunities and gained us publicity through working with amazing photographers and content creators.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Romine and we are looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future!”

– Founder and Creative Director, Emily (Yu-tzu) Chen-Moir – Fin+Zee

Meera - Devon's Drawer

Devon's Drawer

“Hiring Romaine is one of the best things we have done for Devon’s Drawer. We are a small business, and none of us had the requisite know how to push our brand forward in the niche market of children’s fashion. Romaine stepped in and has consistently pushed our brand forward into the marketplace. She is always on hand to answer our questions, but more importantly, she knows to ask the questions that we did not know existed. Romaine has provided strategic branding advice, connected us with influencers, and generally helped get our brand noticed. We are very grateful for her assistance.”

– Meera – Devon’s Drawer

Manuela Maraczy - Manuela Kids Design

Manuela Kids

“Through Romaine’s extensive knowledge of the kid’s fashion industry and her contacts, she has helped me raise the profile of my brand Manuela Kids Design. Since hiring Romaine the brand has got a lot of visibility and also attention from around the world via social media, which helped to connect us to new clients, customers, press, influencers, industry professionals, and in turn, brought traffic and new followers to the brand’s website and social media. Romaine has not only helped guide Manuela Kids Design but also helped me with things like brand copy, social media tips and general business coaching. I highly appreciate her work and guidance in the kid’s fashion market and would recommend her to kids fashion brands looking for visibility and guidance on how to grow their brand as Romaine will certainly push your brand forward in this marketplace.”

– Manuela Maraczy – Manuela Kids Design

Angela Royal

Angela Royal PR

“It is my definite opinion that Romaine is an extremely talented individual, with the capability to deliver to the tightest deadlines. Her deep understanding and extensive experience in the children’s clothing market and her ability to grasp and support brands 360(degree) to achieve successful results is matched by her bright and memorable personality. She is a complete professional.”

Angela Royal PR

Mijin - Imoimo Kids

Imoimo Kids

“I have been working with Romaine from Junior Style since I launched Imoimo Kids two years ago and I love the personalised service we get through working with her. Initially, I contacted Romaine to help with general visibility and brand awareness of my clothing label and through Romaine’s support and guidance of the brand, she has gained great press coverage both online and in publications which has not only increased our global visibility and traffic to our website but also help grow our follower base and community.

Through Romaine’s efforts, we have also gained a number of valuable kids fashion buyers, which shows that she has great connections and personal relationships within the childrenswear industry.

Not only does Romaine gain coverage and visibility through her marketing efforts for Imoimo Kids, but all work gained also gets promoted via the Junior Style network thus adding further value for money. This is a very unique service and offering.

Romaine has always been on hand to support Imoimo Kids and gone that extra mile giving us social media tips to help grow our following, help with copy, tips on how we can maximise our investment when taking part in Tradeshows as well as other valuable industry knowledge and insights all which has helped us create the right foundation blocks for us to grow Imoimo Kids.

A good PR professional can make an enormous difference to your business. Romaine is not only highly qualified but very experienced and is a master of her profession and the kid’s fashion industry and is also very passionate, proactive and not to mention a delightful person to work with!

The results achieved so far have given me, and my team, the confidence that Romaine will deliver on what she sets out to every time.”

– Mijin – Imoimo Kids