Who we are….

Junior Style is the largest children’s fashion network and community globally. Our mission is to boost the visibility of the world’s top emerging children’s fashion brands, connecting them with parents, children’s lifestyle influencers, and consumers. Junior Style has built a reputation for its ability to introduce unique brands to a wider audience, positioning itself as an invaluable resource for gaining both media exposure and valuable business guidance.

Now through first-hand experience, Junior Style BUSINESS is able to guarantee your brand stays relevant each season by offering tried and tested Digital Content Marketing, Influencer Relationships, Content Production, Social Media Management, Traditional PR solutions which will help your brand stay relevant, and on the radar of consumers, children’s fashion industry experts and niche’s lifestyle influencers.

Aleksandra Ataca is Junior Style’s editor-in-chief and owner. Romaine Coonghe is Junior Style’s mentor and contributor.

Our Mission

  • Raise the visibility of the best-emerging childrenswear brands.
  • Elevate brands in a crowded marketplace, keeping them on top of the minds of consumers and influencers.
  • Increase web traffic, sales, wholesale orders, press inquiries, brand awareness, and sign-ups, and strengthen social media.
  • Connect brands to our community of passionate children’s lifestyle influencers and consumers.

The Value Proposition

There are multiple touchpoints between your brand, consumers, and influencers.

Longevity and consistency in the delivery of branded content are key to reaping the rewards of your investment in your lookbook and editorial coverage.

Junior Style guarantees that your brand stays relevant each season by sharing and creating fresh content on the social platforms where consumers spend time and also on its Junior Style platform, thus increasing the value for every marketing dollar spent.

Why Choose Junior Style Pr?

With first-hand experience in how to set up, grow, and market a kid’s fashion business Romaine and Alexandra are able to guarantee your brand stays relevant each season and create a tailor-made package to meet your marketing and business needs.